Our Team

Carlos Nielsen is a seasoned tree expert with a lifelong passion for the natural world. His fascination with trees began in his childhood, spending countless hours in the outdoors where he nurtured a deep appreciation for the intricate ecosystems that trees support. Over the years, Carlos has cultivated a rich understanding of arboriculture, driven by an insatiable curiosity about the way trees grow, live, and contribute to environmental health and human well-being.

Carlos has spent over two decades working with trees in various capacities—from landscape design and urban forestry to conservation projects and community education. His expertise is rooted in practical experience and bolstered by continuous self-education and research into the latest developments in tree health and sustainability.

His approach is hands-on and community-oriented. Carlos is committed to sharing his knowledge through workshops, community talks, and interactive demonstrations, making the science of trees accessible and engaging to people of all ages. He has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and offering practical advice that homeowners, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts can easily apply, whether they are dealing with tree health issues, interested in attracting wildlife to their gardens, or looking for creative ways to incorporate tree elements into arts and crafts.

Through his interactive sessions and engaging storytelling, Carlos aims to ignite a passion for trees in others, encouraging them to see the vital role these magnificent organisms play in our world. His work helps individuals understand not just the ecological importance of trees, but also their cultural and aesthetic value. Carlos believes that by increasing awareness and fostering respect for trees, communities can grow stronger and more sustainable, enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

In his free time, Carlos continues to contribute to various tree planting and conservation initiatives, always eager to put his knowledge into action. He remains a dedicated advocate for the environment, inspiring others to join him in protecting and celebrating our leafy companions.

Email: carlos@hugthetrees.com